GA Commercial

Who are they?

GA Commercial Laundry Solutions is a distinguished company located in the West Midlands, specialising in the supply, installation, and maintenance of commercial laundry equipment.


They provide a wide range of professional laundry, industrial, and catering equipment tailored to the specific needs of sectors such as Healthcare, Education, and Hospitality. Recognised as a market leader, GA Commercial stands out for its reliability and exceptional after-sales support, offering bespoke solutions for projects of any size.

How to we provide value?

In the competitive landscape of commercial laundry, Dash Agency’s targeted Google Ads campaign for GA Commercial Laundry Solutions was a game-changer.


By focusing on data-driven optimisation, we tailored our strategy to meet specific audience needs, ensuring the visibility and appeal of GA Commercial’s services to those actively seeking solutions.


This approach led to a remarkable 8.7% conversion rate and a cost-per-acquisition of £22, generating significant revenue. Our efforts underscored the importance of precision in digital marketing, achieving standout results and cost-effectiveness in a crowded market.