The Murder Express


The Murdér Express, an immersive theatrical dining experience, located in East London approached DASH agency to help improve their online presence, engage its audience more effectively, and drive revenue growth. 


This case study explores the approach taken, encompassing social media management, targeted email marketing campaigns, paid social advertising, and a robust SEO strategy. 

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Social Media Management

The journey began with a complete overhaul of The Murdér Express’s social media presence. The strategy focused on diversifying content, increasing posting frequency, and fostering audience engagement through interactive elements. Analytics played a crucial role in continuously refining the approach based on audience behaviour and preferences.



Impressions, consumptions, likes, and post frequency saw increases across the board, with consumptions skyrocketing by 1,441% and posts by up to 450%.


The strategy led to a 296% rise in profile impressions, a 175% increase in engagements, and a 158% boost in likes, indicating a significantly enhanced online presence and audience interaction.



Email Marketing Engagement

A consistent engagement strategy was employed via the brand’s email marketing database. Tailored newsletters and promotional content were sent to keep the audience informed and engaged, leveraging high-quality content to drive traffic and conversions. Since September, over 172k emails have been delivered to consumers. 



Paid Social

Paid social was utilised to target specific audience segments, optimising for cost-per-click (CPC) and click-through rate (CTR) to maximise budget efficiency and campaign effectiveness. Whilst we were optimising for the above, our core focus was driving high value conversions.



Two campaigns delivered impressive results: the first with 1,489 clicks, £0.63 CPC, and a 4.93 return on ad spend (ROAS); the second with 2,134 clicks, £0.28 CPC, and a 6.63% CTR, achieving a 3.61 ROAS.


These campaigns generated significant impressions and reach, contributing to brand visibility and engagement.



SEO and Content Strategy

With the launch of a new website, a focused SEO strategy was implemented, targeting organic traffic growth through high-quality content creation. Topics were carefully chosen to match audience interest and search trends, with particular success in ranking and featured snippets.



A 366% increase in organic traffic and a 371% spike in new users were recorded, highlighting the effectiveness of the SEO efforts.


The content strategy not only placed ‘What is Immersive Dining’ in the top position on search engine results pages (SERPs) but also earned a featured snippet, indicating recognition of content quality by Google.


Over £60k in revenue was generated from organic search since the strategy’s inception.